What is the True Local Experience?


A lot of travel companies out there claim they can do it...

...but it doesn't get any more truer

or more local...

than what we are doing here at TripRadius.

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Finally, the True Local Experience.

TripRadius is an app that allows you to hail local experts who can show you around, wherever you are, whenever you want, on-demand. Book a local and they will show up in just a matter of minutes, being able to show you around the area right where you are standing.

Nobody has solved the language barrier, here in South Korea. We think this is pretty darn close.


We have an extensive network of local
Koreans ready and willing to take you
around, right where you are standing.


These people live and work in the very places
you are traveling through in Korea. They know this
place better than anyone else and speak English.


Book using our user-friendly app
and a local Korean will come directly
to you, right where you are standing.


How to use the app

Tripradius App : see guides on a map


Press the location button on the app and find all the local experts in your immediate  area.


Press on any of the guide pin drops and get a detailed profile of your local expert and read the reviews that past travelers have written about them.


Book your local expert and they will come directly to you in a matter of minutes.


What's the Local Expert?


We believe that everyone is an expert in something in their own right. We also believe that this knowledge is useful to someone somewhere out there. Local experts are people who live and work in very place you are exploring. They know the good places to eat, the places you’ve got to see, and the cool places to be. They are simply the authority in knowing the area and travelers passing through are missing out not utilising them.


Our local experts have signed up to be ambassadors of their neighborhoods. Everyone who is registered goes through a series of background checks and interviews. They are genuinely friendly and have a heart of gold when it comes to hospitality. They have a servant heart and will always do their best to help foreigners feel welcome in their home country. They are at a minimum bilingual and know the basic infrastructure for getting around.


This is the true local experience. If you try to explore a place using the latest blogs and travel guides, what you are going to find is long lines at those places with no other alternatives in the vicinity. Your time traveling is limited so you really want to make the most of your experience in a foreign country. Booking a local expert will open up so many more options in the area giving you much more flexibility on how you travel.


TripRadius is the first of its kind.


…you need it. Most travel sights are meant to be booked in advance. This is for the NOW. This is when you REALLY want it.


…you need it. Wherever you are, there’s someone within a few hundred meters that can help you. Book locals in the vicinity where you are right now.


…you want. With our concept, it’s hard to bait-and-switch people simply because the booking takes place in a matter of minutes.


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